All-on-4 Replacing All of Your Teeth

If you have been making do with conventional dentures, or have recently lost your remaining upper or lower teeth, you might like to consider replacing your teeth with an implant supported bridge. After treatment, patients report greatly improved chewing power and comfort, thanks to the support offered by their dental implants.

Sydney dentist Dr. Hugh Fleming utilises a revolutionary technique to support a full, fixed bridge with only four dental implants. Known as the All-on-4TM technique, this approach involves the placement of four implants in the anterior region of the upper or lower jaw to support new teeth in the form of a fixed implant supported bridge. The implants are carefully placed to protect the delicate anatomy of the jaw, while maximising support for the new bridge. Utilising a unique precision surgical guide designed from 3D analysis of the jaw, this implant placement can often be performed employing keyhole surgery, resulting in minimal post-operative swelling and discomfort.

One key advantage of the All-on-4TM technique is that it is suitable for most patients, including many of those with significant bone loss. This helps to prevent the need for bone grafting, which can make your procedure simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. In some instances the overlying bridge can be attached to the implants at the same time as the implants are placed.

Replacing your removable denture with an implant-supported bridge has numerous advantages functionally, aesthetically, and also for your long-term oral health. No longer will your denture rock while you’re eating, clack while you’re speaking, or irritate your gums. You will experience minimum tissue coverage with maximum stability, allowing you not only to eat foods you previously avoided, but to taste them like you used to. The implants that support your new bridge also act to replace some of your lost tooth roots, stimulating the bone and preventing further bone and soft tissue loss. This helps to prevent the sunken facial appearance characteristic of denture patients, by giving the facial tissues the support they lost when all the natural teeth were removed.

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* “Any Surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner”.